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The Mission & Vision CHRGR has created the first piece of advertising you want to take home and use again. We distribute brand-sponsored, card-sized phone batteries through thousands of lifestyle venues nationwide. CHRGR fits in your pocket and immediately powers any iPhone or Android. The Problem Customers are running low at their favorite venue or event. Charging their device means tethering to an outlet or leaving it unattended. At this moment, they will do anything for a charge. Advertisers rarely engage customers with today’s physical media, which has little to no repeat impressions or means to acquire and convert new customers. The average CPM is between $12 and $15 nationwide, and still provides little opportunity for tracking and measuring effectiveness. The Solution Introducing CHRGR, a service that provides inexpensive, and brand sponsored pre-charged batteries on demand, where you need it when you need it. No tethering, no waiting for an outlet, and no more leaving your device unattended. CHRGR stays with your device and works with any mobile device. Whether you have iPhone or Android, get immediate power and recharge and reuse again via USB. For advertisers, we provide a more innovative physical and digital ad experience, with a more competitive CPM. We also generate tracking data to measure campaign effectiveness and targeting.