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Company description


ChorusWare is an integration software suite that addresses system communication gaps within the healthcare industry. 



The current landscape consists of healthcare information systems that do not communicate effectively at the process level.  This acts as a barrier to critical business and clinical work flows.


The Solution: 

ChorusWare democratizes processes.  Unlike other integration solutions that function at the data level, ChorusWare operates at a meaningful process level.  

Business model
Per transaction basis.  Initial engagements will be to automate the referral and consult processes, cutting up to70% of the transactional costs.  The company will target healthcare enterprises, including hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and insurance companies in the United States.  Product implementaion will be supported by Healthcare IT partners. 
Competitive advantage

No Database required - The solution i distributed, no additional money required for expensive databases because enterprise information does not be to be retained. 


Build On-The-Fly - Pulling together two systems is accomplished quickly, making implementation easy and cost effective.


Process aggregation - ChorusWare improves business and clinical work flows.