One Life. Many Choices.
Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Finding information online is easy, but what do you do next? This is a problem that plagues billions every day.

ChoicePunch solves that problem by uniting knowledgeable people to help you through small & big life choices with a real decision.

We provide users value by cutting out information overload & connecting them to an audience beyond their Facebook & Twitter profiles. 

We provide advertisers value by tapping into intent vs. simple interest.

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Business model

Advertising (Self Service & Managed)

CPM & CPC Pricing Models


ChoicePunch will offer advertisers the ability to reach users who demonstrate intent & interest in  particular subject, product, brand, and so forth. 

Advertising models will include larger reach takeovers, but also give ability for self-service advertisers to manage campaigns real time via CPC pricing model.

Competitive advantage

ChoicePunch is unique that it's more than just interest in something, it's about intent.

Further, we give people the avenue to reach out about sensitive subjects that possible via social networks, and not catered to in a more facts based Q&A environment.