Customized Chocolate Bars
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Company description
Chocri is a Germany-based startup that allows consumers to customize and design their own chocolate bars. We just launched in the US (Jan 11)!


With chocri, consumers can create their unique chocolate bar by selecting a base chocolate (white, milk or dark), to which they can add up to 5 toppings from an impressive assortment that includes both the traditional (like nuts, dried fruit and candies) and the outrageous ( like coriander, rosemary, and chives)!


The bars are hand manufactured and made-to-order, using only fair trade and organic chocolate from Belgium. Chocri donates 1% of all sales to a children’s welfare charity, and encourages customers to add their own donation at checkout.



Business model

Competitive advantage

- Design your own chocolate bar - mass customization

- Organic, fair trade chocolate from Belgium

- Friendly customer service and open innovation