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Company description

Cheftabl provides a web platform enabling restaurants to extend to their diners the best in 'off-the-menu' dining experiences and diners the ability to search, personalize and pay for an exclusive chef experience. Cheftabl drives incremental revenue and improves the dining and restaurant affinity, bringing your guests back again and again.

Business model

Currently Cheftabl takes a 12% revenue share from each transaction.

Competitive advantage

Our company is built to act as a marketplace for small/medium restaurants with truly innovative chefs. We challenge the discount model by building true value and access into a dining experience. By connecting curious diners who build their own user profiles with innovative chefs we are solving the discovery problem for diners and the marketing and inventory dilemma for restaurants. In a simple click diners can search, reserve and pay (split the check) for a unique experience where chefs are cooking off-menu (tasting menus) for them. 

We provide chefs with the creative freedom that attracts the high LTV customer.

We currently have no direct competitors but are working in an operating environment with several indirect competitors. Our largest advantage is that we have built a nimbe solution to a restaurant's painpoint and we have developed a pipeline of marquee strategic partners that will both allow us to fully integrate into a dining room management platform and will enable us to generate a significantly larger user base in the luxury/business traveler universe.