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Facebook advertising simplified.
Warsaw, Poland Poland
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Facebook has become the second largest advertising platform globally, surpassed only by Google. Yet, advertisers, especially those smaller ones, are left with very little help to effectivelly use it. Tools provided by Facebook itself are complicated and don't give the full range of possibilities that the platform gives. A few third party tools existing on the market are targeted at enterprise customers. Those smaller ones have to struggle alone. simplifies and automates Facebook advertising and by providing the features hidden deep in Facebook's ads API, helps all advetisers make the most out of their buck. No more paying just for impressions or empty clicks thanks to CPA bidding model. No more wondering if Facebook ads really sell and if yes, how much. Thanks to Google Analytics integration every single creative will have the sales or leads it generated assigned to it. And with just a few clicks advertisers can now optimize their campaigns based on real ROI they yeld.


Awards and Mentions
  • 16905_2633
    Media Trends is the most important media and advertising festival in Poland. Every year the most effective ad campaigns and innovative media marketing channels are awarded. This year was awarded as an innovative media product. The jury recognized it for "improving Facebook", as it was stated in the verdict.
  • Business model

    Catvertiser is a Software as a Service solution. It's self service and with automatic credit card payments. Although advertisers can spend high volumes of advertising budgets on their campaigns we don't bear any risk of late payments or frauds since media purchasing is settled directly between advertisers and Facebook. Catvertiser commission is based on a percentage of the ad budget spent so our revenue grows together with the growing spends on Facebook advertising. It is planned to expand to other social media platforms as they develop their advertising offer.

    Competitive advantage

    Compared to enterprise-level solutions with high entry bareer, Catvertiser is accessible for everyone with very low cost of entry. It's interface and campaign creation processes are designed with simplicity and ease of use for an average marketer in mind.

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