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Cenzic is the innovative leader in application security risk management, vulnerable assessment, and compliance solutions. Voted #1 by eWeek and InfoWorld, lauded by Gartner Group and IDC, and recipient of many prestigious awards, Cenzic has state-of-the-art, next-generation solutions — changing the dynamics of the application security industry.

Cenzic Web application security solutions provide customers the most accurate results possible in an automated and cost-effective way that quickly and intelligently assesses application security risks across the enterprise. Until now, this level of accuracy and speed could not be obtained, even through methodical, manual assessment by security consultants. Cenzic can automatically find the most “real” threats fast – across any enterprise application – legacy or new. This next-generation approach results in organizations being able to truly stay on top of unrelenting security threats while, at the same time, building the most secure future Web applications possible.