Comparison shopping for local services.
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Company description

Centzy is comparison shopping for local services. 

It's hard to find prices for local services (such as spas, massage parlors, hair salons, doctors, dentists, and plumbers) online. Thus, potential customers are frustrated because they waste time calling local businesses for prices, they waste money because they end up buying without knowing all their options, and they often worry that they're getting ripped off. 

Centzy solves these problems by gathering accurate, comprehensive prices for local services through a proprietary process and putting them online, saving you time and money and letting you buy from local businesses with confidence. On Centzy, you can search, browse, and compare prices for all the local services providers in your area on one website.


Business model

Centzy will connect local service businesses to consumers looking to buy services on our website and generate revenues from onsite advertising, lead-gen, and coupons/deals.

We also believe our pricing data would be valuable in other contexts and that we could eventually license our data to other local search and directory services, location-based services, and government or other research organizations.

Competitive advantage

Prices for local services are fragmented and difficult to collect and maintain, which is why we believe this hasn't been done yet. We are building an proprietary system for getting this data which is efficient and scalable.