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Floatation Tank Therapy involves a float tank, pod, cabin, or room filled with 10 inches of water and over 800 lbs. of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate). The water is heated to 93.5° F, the same temperature as human skin. The tanks are both soundproof and lightproof. Due to the high concentration of salt water is, the customer literally floats on top of the water without any risk of drowning. The floater must shower before entering the tank to remove any oils on the skin then enter the tank with a swimsuit or can go completely nude. They lay in the tank for an hour and then must shower again before changing back into their clothes. This therapy has scientifically proven health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, increased magnesium absorption, pain reduction and more. Float therapy is also currently being extensively researched more thoroughly for other health benefits like cortisol reduction, neurological changes within the brain, and much more.


Relax and reflect

Do you know how powerful our thoughts truly are? Are they truly benefiting us or keeping us grounded from what we really desire? Take the opportunity to enter a one-of-a kind environment where you see nothing, smell nothing, hear nothing, and feel like your floating on air. When the outside distractions have no affect on our brain, this taps into our greatest tool for change: Neuroplasticity.

"Change your mind-change your life."