CBlocks Inc.

A mystery box of cryptocurrency
Miami, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

Our mission is to provide safe and easy to use digital asset management for everyone.

Cryptocurrency requires expert knowledge to get started and extensive research to make critical investment decisions. CBlocks solves these problems by shipping encrypted USBs with wallets & funds for five random cryptocurrencies. Our customers will be informed, independent & delighted by their experience with us.

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Business model

CBlocks is aiming to become the banking solution for the millions of cryptocurrency users in the future. Our path has allowed us to help grow our user base with a safe and easy way to save their cryptocurrencies. 

Our service currently allows users to purchase a personal cryptocurrency storage solution with a pre-determined amount already loaded, protected with 256 bit encryption which allows our users to safely and securely hold their cryptocurrency in a physical device. This entry level option opens the access to users to quickly get involved in cryptocurrency without the needing of technical knowledge.

We provide this service for a $50 fee per order placed, which covers the cost of goods, and fulfillment. 

Competitive advantage

We are currently the only site to door crypto delivery solution for the market. Knowing how to make wallets is difficult, and we have the ability to create over 100+ wallets for each customer.

Downloadable partner software client for use with the physical storage solution.