CB Williams Energy Group

CB Williams Energy Group
The New Generation in Green Technology
Vancouver, Canada Canada
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Company description

CB Williams Energy Group is the developer of revolutionary CatalateTM, a series of non-invasive complex wave frequencies that restructures fluid molecules for increased efficiency using laser technology, resulting in immediate cost savings and reduced emissions, at minimal cost.

The Catalate AmplifierTM, a versatile non-invasive inline fluidic treatment cylinder, is our first technology to be ‘productized' for industrial users.

Catalate WaterTM is available as a concentrate and is 100% chemical-free that can be mixed in specific dilution ratios depending on applications and volume served.

CB Williams develops, manufactures and markets safe and environmentally responsible products that have numerous applications for agriculture, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage.

Applications for aviation fuel, diesel, and third generation biofuels (for increasing growth rate in algae) are in R&D stages in partnership with established universities in Korea and Canada, with promising results.

Competitive advantage
  Scalable, Versatile, Non-Invasive, Low Cost, Immediate, Simple.