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Company description

Catalia Health is a patient care management company that provides an effective, scalable, AI-powered patient engagement platform for individuals managing chronic disease or taking medications on an ongoing basis.  

Imagine if every patient with chronic disease could have their own personalized wellness coach available around the clock to support them with their healthcare journey. This is now possible with the Mabu wellness coach platform. Mabu is an affordable companion robot that can have conversations with patients in their home regarding their healthcare & well being.

Mabu is unique in that she incorporates psychology, evidenced-based medicine, & artificial intelligence to create engaging daily conversations that are tailored for each patient’s personality & needs. An individual talks with Mabu similarly to how they interact with other voice or screen activated virtual assistants like Siri or Amazon Echo. However, unlike these assistants, Mabu remembers information, learns about the patient & personalizes conversations accordingly. Her conversations incorporate the patient’s condition & treatment as well as the psycho-social aspects of their disease. Conversations may address how they're feeling, their medication schedule, or mitigating treatment side effects. In addition, Mabu also offers tips for managing anxiety, depression, nutrition & daily activities.

These conversations happen largely through voice-based interactions, but are also through text, mobile, and web interfaces when patients are on the go. Together, these conversations delivered through a physical robot create a deeper relationship and are available any time patients need support. The data reported back through the system gives Catalia Health’s customers valuable information in order to better understand the daily activities & needs of their patients.

Mabu’s ability to transmit data via APIs allows Catalia Health to work with healthcare systems, payers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies to enhance the reach of existing care management programs and close the gaps in care. The result is a better quality of life for the patient, lower costs for the patient and healthcare system, and more positive health outcomes overall.

We will be commercially launching our platform for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and kidney cancer by early summer 2017 and a platform for congestive heart failure by late fall 2017. 





Awards and Mentions
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    The IDEO Startup in Residence program helps early-stage teams embed design thinking into their core DNA as they grow and scale. The startup team lives in an IDEO design studio for a quarter, working to achieve product-market fit. Along the way they’re mentored by IDEO designers and participate in the daily life of the studio. Going forward, they also benefit from being part of the IDEO’s family. All Startup in Residence candidate companies are referred by IDEO’s network of trusted advisors and investors.
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    At the 2016 Rosenman Symposium one highlight was the presentation of the Rosenman Innovation Awards. More than 90 companies competed for the awards. Eight finalists were invited to pitch at the symposium. Catalia Health was one of the 8 finalists.
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    MedTech Innovator is the industry’s nonprofit global competition and accelerator for medical device, digital health and diagnostic companies. Their mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies that are transforming the healthcare system. Every year they comb through hundreds of applications to find 20 companies to provide mentorship and whom will compete for 335K in funding. The MedTech Innovator finals at AdvaMed 2016 is the culmination of a year-long program, with six pitch sessions and three competitions held in seven cities around the globe, in an industry-wide collaboration of hundreds of companies to identify and move these transformative innovations forward Catalia Health was first a semi finalist and then finalist in this competition.
  • Business model

    Catalia Health bills specialty pharma and healthcare companies a per-patient, per-month fee for the use of the Mabu wellness robot to increase adherence to a treatment program and provide rich data on patient interactions and outcomes.

    While our technology is extremely innovative, our business model is deliberately not new. We model our contracts off of what is currently in place in the care management market, which allows for a much faster sales cycle.



    Competitive advantage

    Our competitive advantage comes from being first to understand how to bring together medicine, psychology, and human-robot interaction to create scalable technology that automates aspects of the managed care industry. Having a physical robot that can have engaging conversations with patients in their home and provide support and monitoring is transformative to patient chronic care.  While conceptually it may seem simple to do, no one else has successfully done so in the decade since Dr. Kidd first deployed this with patients.

    As the first to create this technology, we have been able to secure an issued patent on the use of robots for behavior change, a blocking patent that will keep others out of this space for the foreseeable future.

    As first to market in this space, we are leveraging our lead to gather more patient data about daily interactions than anyone else has been able to create to date.  This gives us the ability to use this data to improve our algorithms, thus widening our lead ahead of potential competitors.

    We have a diverse team of engineers, clinicians, writers, & designers collaborating closely to build an inviting, engaging product that is focused on maintaining a lasting relationship with each patient. This is extremely important given the variety of factors that impact adherence & healthy behavior change. Our team is led by a CEO & founder who is considered an industry leader and visionary who has previous experience founding and building a company.



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