Cat Duo
Location: East Palo Alto, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
Short URL:

Cat Duo

Local multiplayer mobile gaming anywhere anytime
East Palo Alto, California, United States United States

We set out to reconnect people by bringing the board game experience to mobile phones, tablets, and, soon, wearables and smart TVs. The team is composed of passionate gamers with startup, marketing, and developer ecosystem experiences with David leading with Zynga product experience. We filed a provisional patent in Feb 2014.

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Company description

Our company is creating a console and controller system using mobile devices to create a real-time, multiplayer gaming experience that can be played anywhere.



  • David Geisert
    David Geisert | Founder
    I have experience on live games and in development games at Zynga, as well as working on their mobile marketing strategy. I have learned a lot about analysis from my time as a Zynga product manager, as well as being a financial analyst at Chegg.
  • Stephanie Lee
    Stephanie Lee | Founder
    BS in Mechanical Engineering at MIT and MS in Product Development at USC. Worked in startups for 7 years. Extensive background in mechanical engineering, plus experience in product management, UI/UX, graphic design, finance and market analysis.
  • Candice Trebus
    Candice Trebus | Founder
  • Jeffrey Lo
    Jeffrey Lo | Founder
    Business leader w/10+ years in engineering, product management, and business development in developer relations organization @IBM
Business model

Freemium model: Our business model does not charge users to download the application. We significantly lower the cost of entry to increase virality. We extract revenue when users have used and engaged with our products.

Developer Ecosystem: We will release an SDK for development teams to port new and pre-existing games onto our platform. We will provide different types of licensing terms tailored to client size and needs. We will also provide high-touch support for strategic and white-label clients. Our vision is to employ revenue sharing with 3rd party developers in the future.

Our solution works in all modern iOS and Android touch-screen devices and does not require a computer. The product runs on devices our customers already own and it selects the most optimal connection methods (Wifi, bluetooth, and LTE/3G) automatically to enable connectivity be done virtually anywhere.


Competitive advantage

David was a PM at Zynga and has established both industry connections and expertise. The rest of the team are passionate gamers with trusted relationships with the  game developer community, including those from EA, Zynga, Google Play Game Services and indie developers. S o far we have conducted playtests with 50+ players and developers and received positive responses: including from Global Game Jam 2014 developers who built a game with our API in 48hrs.