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By reducing physician burnout, excessive paperwork, and duplicative manual processes we can better ensure healthcare for tomorrow.


As a healthcare administrator -- leading both payer and provider organizations -- my frustration with healthcare is around administrative paperwork and burden.


In response, I have launched Carenodes focused on reducing paperwork in healthcare and improving provider experience in a meaningful way: An all-payer, all-provider administrative efficiency platform.


Carenodes is a data aggregation platform reducing paperwork in healthcare. We take the multiplicity of reports which are sent from payers to providers and aggregate the following data into an all-payer all-provider platform:

  • Monthly eligibility files (number of assigned patients/members)
  • Gaps in care reports (quality metrics)
  • Resource utilization reports (ER, admissions, SNF) 

Specified PDFs and Excel sheets are harmonized, organized, and prioritized manifesting in intuitive and actionable visualizations for the user.


Given the market response from the provider community (sales) this innovation warrants being shared with the group here.

Value Proposition


See Carenodes at a Glance for a product overview which includes the aggregated report types, case study, aggregation logic.