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Company description
CardMunch is a mobile business card transcription service that guarantees 100% accuracy on every card. Simply snap a picture with your phone, CardMunch immediately sends it to our crowd labor workforce and within minutes CardMunch sends back a perfectly transcribed contact. CardMunch then backs up the card so you never have to worry about losing a contact again.
Dealing with business cards has never been so effortless.

Business model

CardMun's pricing model is very simple.  Credits are required to transcribe buisness cards into your phone (1 credits per card).  Credit packs are offered via in-app purchases and online at  40 credits for $10 or 100 credits for $25.  CardMunch also offers a pay-as-you-go option that allows user to automatically recharge their accounts with credits.

Long term, CardMunch's vision is to become the go-to business network.  As we offer a very valuable service to our users, we capture valuable contextual data about the relationships formed via CardMunch.  We will also soon be offering various social connectors that will allow you to connect with your contacts on Linkedin, Facebook, SalesForce, Evernote, Highrise and more.


Competitive advantage

The most unique aspect of our business heavily leverages crowd-sourced labor as opposed to computer vision systems that are inaccurate. We rely on human intelligence to achieve 100% accuracy when the most cutting edge computational methods fails to achieve anything close. We need lots of human intelligence in our system, and crowd-sourced labor offer us a scalable on-demand workforce.  

The power of the crowd is seen in action when using CardMunch.  5 contacts get transcribed in 10 minutes.  1000 cards also get transcribed in the same amount of time!  We our confident the technology and labor pool we have built up can handle 50,000 cards a day.  With multiple workers checking and verifying every single cards, our users are guaranteed 100% accuracy on every card they submit.