CardioPrint Biometrics, Inc.

CardioPrint Biometrics, Inc.
fingertip heartscan ID
Boulder Creek, California, United States United States
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Company description

CardioPrint is based on fingertipmeasurement of the unique electronic signature of an individual’s heart.Measuring a CardioPrint takes only  seconds, and involves as little astouching one finger of each hand to a pair of designated pads on a mobiledevice. If these signals are processed correctly they form a highly consistentprofile as unique as an individual’s fingerprint. In healthcare, using CardioPrint fingertip cardiographic technology to collect ECG waveformmetrics for patient identification over time accumulates a longitudinal record of cardiac performanceat a fraction of the cost of typical cardiac monitoring options. When analyzedover time this creates a metric baseline of  individual health, and when patterns are compared across a large population, new indications of conditions correlated to cardiobiometric signatures willemerge.