Location: 181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2010, Seed: $70 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: J. Gov, P. He, C. Dong
Short URL:
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CapSEO has a great vision about how you can build a scalable business with crowd souring the SEO and SMO to influencers across the web. As advisor to the company I highly recommend them.

The early bird catches the worm. Anji, Faouzi and capseo's rockstars are to become a succes story in a very near future, thanks to their knowledge, passion & sense of innovation.



Crowdsourcing meets Performance Marketing
San Francisco, California, United States United States

Capseo uses crowdsourcing to deliver on performance Webmarketing, through its community of influencers. Capseo’s proprietary algorithms automatically analyze a website, build a list of tasks and find the best skills available to improve its influence.
Capseo is succeeding where marketplaces and agencies failed.

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Company description

Capseo was part of the Plug and Play Tech Center Startup Camp 2011

Problem :

Any website needs to be visible to reach a qualified audience. It is hard to find the perfect solution, on one hand Webmarketing Agencies are not international and not multi-channel. They are not reactive and not scalable. On the other hand, Market Places are not secured, finding the right available skills is a nightmare, and freelancers are waiting for projects in vain.

Below are some issues that you may encounter on marketplaces if you are looking for freelancers :

  • Finding skills: how can I be sure that this person has the right skills?
  • Security: how do I secure the payments, copyrights and confidentiality?
  • Cultural misunderstanding: Does my freelancer mean yes or no?
  • Time difference: why should I be awake at 4 AM to have a meeting?
  • Project Management: I outsource the job, why would I end up managing?

... And if you are a freelancer :

  • Sales: I am not a salesman, why do I have to sell my skills?
  • Skills required: why should I do tasks I cannot handle?
  • Security: how can I be sure that I will receive my payments?
  • Rating system: how someone who is not an expert able to rate it my work?
  • Delay: I want to work only when I have enough time to complete the work.

Solution :

Capseo is able to determine the weaknesses of a website, finding out what has to be done and who are the best people to do it.

For each campaign, Capseo sets up a unique team of influencers to promote brands, products and services all over the web without any advertising or consulting. Those influencers are chosen regarding their abilities to achieve tasks, their social graph and expertise (SEO, Social Media, Blogs, Forums etc.).They can manage their assignments and earnings on their interface.

Clients pay on a Price Per Visitor basis and can monitor the campaign through a dedicated platform (stats, invoices, report etc.). Clients don't have to care about paying or managing freelancers and have no direct relation with them.

Market Opportunity :

  • Search Engine Marketing world expenses by 2015 : $51B
  • Social Media Optimization world expenses by 2013 : $5B

Firms are having more propensity (+40 % in 2010) to spend on SEO since prices for Search Advertizing are saturating. Social Media Optimization is the fastest growing  budget due to the significant expansion of Social Networks : +400% for viral marketing in 2010.

Marketplaces such as Odesk, Freelancer etc. are having an increasing number of registered workers, however the percentage of those who activelly work is not growing up. 

Milestones :

  • + $350K in 16 months
  • + 80 clients (e.g : Kaspersky, Axa, Renault)
  • 10 agencies partnership (e.g : Publicis)
  • + 1400 "ready to work" influencers

  • Anji ISMAIL
    Anji ISMAIL | Team member
    25. French. Entrepreneur. I get a bachelor in International Business as I've always been opened to intercultural exchange and countries discovering etc. At first, I was interested in traditionnal business (real office, papers, real meetings etc.)...
Business model

Capseo's process


  1. Start their campaign and specify their needs
  2. Monitor the whole campaign and details for each task
  3. Get reporting and invoices


  1. Have to get certified to be eligible for a project
  2. Get a brief for each task they qualify for that they can accept or reject
  3. Work, Monitor and get paid (per task and on performance)


1. SMCs  => Online subscription

  • Performance based invoice (Per Uniques - 70% of total price)
  • Monthly fees for the time of the campaign (30% of total price)

2. Entreprises => Partners network + direct sales

3. Partners Network

  • White labeling our platform for agencies
  • Plugin to marketplaces or tools (e.g : Hubspot)
  • Supplying services to traditional agencies (e.g : Publicis)
Competitive advantage

Proprietary Algorithms

  • Automatic website's analysis and campaign design
  • Tasks design and tasks assignment
  • Matching tasks with skills available
  • Process and workflow management

Crowdsourcing power VS Traditional Agency

  • International / local
  • Flexible & Faster
  • Quantity lever
  • Lower costs

Process VS Marketplaces

  • Secured (copyright, payment, confidentiality)
  • No direct relation client <=> freelancer
  • Pre-qualified and certified workers
  • Time saving (no project management for clients & freelancers)