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Canyon PR
Bridging the Media Gap
San Luis Obispo, California, United States United States
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Company description

Passion. Enthusiasm. Dedication.

These are what you can expect to find at Canyon PR. We take our work personally and work to ensure each client receives the awareness and exposure desired.

Our objectives are simple:

  • Become an integrated partner with each client
  • Provide aggressive outbound PR support
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Secure positive coverage
  • Build lasting relationships


Business model


Garnering exposure and coverage for clients is our top priority. We create customized solutions for each client to position them in their target markets, and have a proven track record in developing key messages to create, build and sustain brand awareness.

Product/Service Launches

Whether it’s an upcoming product or an old product requiring new positioning, we’re skilled at generating awareness and garnering exposure with the media. We work closely with each client to understand their product or service and how it differs from the competition, create messaging and build awareness with the media.

Digital/New Media Communications

It seems as if each day the Web presents new channels for companies to gain exposure. From blogs to social media and online communities, it’s important to understand how each medium works, but reaching each target audience can be challenging. We understand the importance of building these relationships, and are well-experienced at providing each channel exactly what they’re looking for.

Media Relations

Every successful public relations program is based on aggressive media relations. Not only do we have key press contacts and relationships to back them up, we’re skilled at generating unique story ideas and angles to help clients get the exposure they desire. We take our work personally and work to ensure each client receives the maximum coverage possible.

Corporate Communications

How a company’s image is received by consumers, partners, investors and employees is vital in maintaining a respectable reputation. We work with each client to shape their identities and help them meet corporate goals, ensuring they sustain a positive image.