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Company description

Canned Banners allows small advertisers to create inexpensive, high-quality display ads in minutes. Advertisers only need to add their own photos and text and Canned Banners does the rest, making our ad builder ideal for small businesses and local advertisers. In addition, our ad builder helps online publishers and ad networks to attract new advertisers and sell more ad space into the "long tail."

Business model

Canned Banners earns revenue in two main ways:

1. Selling banners directly to advertisers on

2. Selling banners to advertisers via partners, such as ad networks and publisher websites (any media company trying to sell banner ad space). You can view our growing list of partners here:

Competitive advantage

Other sites that offer self-serve ad creation are overly complicated, low-quality, or both. Canned Banners offers advertisers well-designed templates along with a handful of easy options to customize an ad. The simplicity of our ad builder, along with thoughtful template design, allows anyone to create a professional-quality ad in minutes.


Too complex: 4delite, BannerSnack

Poor,, and dozens of others

Complex AND Poor quality: AdReady, Google Display Ad Builder