Calenjoy is a social calendar that automatically organizes the events in your life.
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Company description

Calenjoy ( is a social calendar that automatically organizes the events in your life.

We believe that how people choose to spend their time reflects what they value, what matters to them, what drives them, what they love...what they live for. 

Our mission is to leverage this knowledge through a social calendar that truly helps users live their lives better. 

Calenjoy integrates across your social networks and then intelligently (and automatically) displays your life’s schedule and events in a beautiful, easy-to-use application. 

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Awards and Mentions
  • 11871_796
    Top 10 @ USC ACM Hackathon
    Top 10 at USC's Mobile Hackathon, sponsored by Google and Microsoft
  • 11871_795
    2nd Place @ Trojan Startups Business Plan Competition
    2nd at the USC Trojan Startups Entrepreneurship Competition sponsored by USC's top leaders (Warren Bennis, President Steven Sample, David Belasco)
  • 11871_794
    3rd Place at USC Startup Weekend
    3rd at USC's Startup Weekend Competition, an intense 54-hour competition to build the best mobile app / website.
  • 11871_792
    Top 10 in $100,000 National Business Plan Competition
    Top 10 in a $100,000 national business plan competition sponsored by top national advertising agency, Nicholson Kovac
  • 11871_791
    • 3rd in a Business Plan Competition sponsored by the mayor of Beverly Hills, beating out MBA students to win funds for his business idea.
  • Business model

    Calenjoy will make money through successful product recommendations to our users. We can recommend products that are perfect for each event on their calendar.

    If a user has a lunch date planned on his/her calendar, we can warmly recommend a deal from Groupon/LivingSocial, allowing our user to 1) eat somewhere with a high rating and 2) receive a steep discount. The user can purchase the deal within a few clicks, and without ever having to leave their calendar,

    If a user is inputting plans to attend a graduation on their calendar, we can tactfully recommend offers from Amazon for gadgets, and other good graduation gifts. The purchase can, again, be completed without ever leaving Calenjoy.

    As a last example, if a user is placing plans on their calendar for a trip to NY from LA, we can help the user book evertyhing from a flight, to hotel, to car rental. This will all happen natively in the Calenjoy experience, powered reliably by partners such as Priceline or Expedia. 

    Competitive advantage

    Just like Google Search, our algorithms are our sustainable competitive advantage. Right now, we have the ability to parse everyday discussions on Facebook to detect events, generate images for events automatically, and classify them into various categories—such as work, personal, and social—to accurately recommend friends to invite. Soon, we’ll have a fantastic product recommendation engine as well.

    Also, due to the competitive nature of the relationship between Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter, our competition will not be able to come out with a product like ours, which serves as a integrated tool combining all of our competitors services.