Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.

Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.
Stem cell pacers, bras, wireless organ repair + social good impact
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Company description

A 5 year business accelerator, R&D and venture creation labs highly focused in two distinct areas:

1.  Cardiovascular innovations primarily stem cell based.

2.  Social good impact innovations with a crowdfunding component.

We have raised and put to wok $145 million in 28 innovations to date.  These include:

1.  First stem cell recruiting heart pacer -

2.  First STEM CELL BRA -

3.  First biological pacemaker made entirely of living cell - BioPace.

4.  First U.S. Social Good Impact Stock Exchange - The California Stock Exchange

5.  The Kindheart Lionheart Inspirational TV Network - 

6.  The first wireless energy devices for directing stem cell therapies.

7. The first implantable STEM CELL PUMP

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Business model

Leonhardt Ventures is an invention factory that feeds inventions into The Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. that transforms those breakthrough disruptive inventions into full fledged businesses.   We have an un-matched portfolio including the first STEM CELL BRA, stem cell heart pacer, wireless energy devices that can direct stem cell repair of organs without surgery.  We have two categories = 1. Cardiovascular 2. Social good impact.   Our social good impact porfolio is anchored by The California Stock Exchange the first social good impact stock exchange.  Our business model is to auction off all startups in their 3rd year in business and to maintain a royalty feed forward. 

Competitive advantage

One of kind innovations including the first stem cell recruiting womens bra that is designed to increase breast size fullness by one cup size every 12 weeks of wear (still under testing).  The first stem cell recruiting heart pacer able to build new muscle and blood vessels in heart scar tissue following a heart attack.  Wireless energy devices able to direct stem cell therapies with no surgery.  All this from a team that has been leading cardiovascualr innovations to market leadership since 1982.