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Caffé Social Media uses a holistic social media approach for applying social media in all sizes of businesses and across all industries. Our methodology was developed in line with the Social Media Academy developed methodologies, models, frameworks and strategies based on experience in both social media since it's inception and profound and international business experience. The overall philosophy all models and methods are based on are:

  • It's not about the tools but a holistic understanding of the implication of social media to corporations.
  • The main objective of a corporate social media engagement should be to create a better business experience for a company's eco system.
  • Social media is a cross functional - corporate culture related engagement - not a marketing campaign.

By using these industry-accepted models and methodologies, we can apply social media in Sales, Marketing, Support, Product Management, Human Resources/Talents, Logistics, Procurement and other departments, including social media specific resource and budget planning.


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