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Company description

It's your health.  Take control.

Caduces is a comprehensive online platform to manage and organize all the data surrounding families' health and wellness, creating a family health history asset, and facilitating data exchange with the professional health community.

Caduces's consumer-focused platform makes it rewarding for people to gather, manage, and share family members' health data.

Caduces is designed to let users control all of their health information and store it in a safe and secure “Virtual Safety Deposit Box.”  Simply stated, the consumer will be able to maintain their entire family’s health, wellness, and fitness information in one place.  Then, they can share this data on their own terms.

It is the nexus for people to gather family data, track individual health trends and conditions, and build comprehensive, extended family health genealogies that will benefit family members throughout their lives and ideally, future generations.  

Think about the potential for discovering treatments for rare genetic disorders and diseases.

Caduces solves the problems of confused and busy healthcare consumers by giving them a tool to manage personal and family health information. Caduces uses a modular, "apps"-based approach for a custom-fit environment. Everyone knows they need to take a more proactive approach to managing all their health data, but it’s one of those things that gets put on the back burner.  Caduces wantS to change that by employing game mechanics and reward systems to make this easier for everyone by using a fun game-based interface, encouraging participation and establishing good habits.


Business model

Caduces has multiple revenue streams

  1. B2B - Organizations that recognize spending a few dollars per employee to save a lot of dollars in lower health premiums, less absenteeism, and higher retention. 
  2. B2C – Target market of families with babies and school-age children we polled have overwhelmingly embraced the Caduces concept and confirmed that they would pay up to $250 annually.
  3. Advertising throughout the site, in the calendar, sponsored sections, dedicated emails, and mobile applications.
  4. Aggregated, anonymized data for medical research and market research.
  5. Licensed white-labeled versions.

Awareness of the multiple sources of revenue at a very early stage of development means that we plan for maximum scalability and flexibility of the Caduces platform.

Competitive advantage

See for a list of other PHR providers.

Our differentiation exists most immediately by virtue of the nature of our design.  A comprehensive platform allows users to manage everything to do with health management combined with proprietary applications for customization that are designed to get people involved and engaged by using game mechanics. Caduces recognizes that people do not live their lives in silos. We also make it easy and fun to create habits by using games and rewards to help people do what they know they should.

Caduces easily integrates with other applications  available on the Internet and on mobile phones.  Our initial launch will be a game targeting children with diabetes.  The iPhone will be the platform and communities will be the attraction.  In order to progress through the game, the user will upload their blood sugar levels throughout the day, track their meals, and input their daily exercise routines.  As they progress during the day/week/month, they will be rewarded for their successes with incentives.  They can play anonymously or join a community and compete for virtual prizes.  

The community aspect is key.  Gone are the days when people lived and died where they were born.  We are a nomadic society.  Parents who need a support system will value the customizable Caduces platform for managing their family members' daily needs, create a comprehensive family health geneaoloty, share information on their terms, and stay in touch with other families that may share their same challenges.