C.Y.A. Protective Gear

C.Y.A. Protective Gear
Body Armor and Protective Gear for Your Sport
Carlsbad, California, United States United States
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CYA is the online leader in providing sports protective gear designed with injury prevention, athletic protection and sports injury rehabilitation in mind. WIth a growing public interest in extreme sports and increasing rate of sports related injuries, CYA addresses the need for sports protection. We only provide products from the most trusted brands in the industry.  CYA is the only online provider of sports protection gear for both Team and Extreme sports. CYA encourages you to "Change Your Attitude" about sports safety gear.  It's not cool lying on your back in the hospital because you didn't wear your gear.
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Competitive advantage

CYA is currently the only online retailer marketing sports protective gear to both Team and Extreme sports industries. Typically, recreational and professional athletes acquire their equipment from sport-specific market places. Now, athletes can get their gear from one source that offers a diverse selection of product categories for every imaginable sport. CYA will also use its social networking site, Crashbus, to offer sponsorships to athletes creating higher market visibility and brand identity.