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BuzzDash is a live social polling forum that provides a real-time dashboard of popular opinion on everything - from news, politics and sports to relationships, philosophy and religion.  With BuzzDash, people can:

·Gauge the pulse of the nation, demographic groups, and friends on almost any issues

·Express opinions by voting and commenting on issues

·Share votes and thoughts with friends

·Post individual polls to personal web pages, blogs or emails

·Create polls for personal use, for submission to BuzzDash, or both


BuzzDash is built upon bite-size polling modules called buzzbites(TM).  These are the building blocks of the site and the foundation of a hub-and-spoke model extending across the web through widgets, games and mobile applications, and through major media partnerships.  BuzzDash is also editorially managed to provide a credible, trusted environment for users, advertisers and media partners.