BuzzBox, Inc.

BuzzBox, Inc.
Filtering the Top News Stories for You
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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BuzzBox gives a personalized list of top news stories based on sources you "Follow".  Get to the good stories first and save time.
  • Your Personalized BuzzRank: We analyze thousands of articles from top blogs and news sites on the internet every day. We group similar stories from different sources together and sort stories based on a combination of popularity over time and your personal preferences – creating your personal BuzzRank™.

  • WE USE YOUR TRUSTED SOURCES: Instead of just providing more news sources -- we simplify and streamline the process for getting the best news from the sources you already follow and trust. Just tell us from which online sources you get most of your news.

  • SOMETIMES. WE BELIEVE LESS IS MORE: - Our approach to news is different. We think when it comes to getting the top news that you actually want to read -- less is more.

The result is an organized, relevant and fun to read snapshot of the most important daily news from your favorite sources - this is your BuzzBox!

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