Industrial manufacturer of automated cooking devices
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Company description

The Burgeon is a hamburger automation system. The convergence of recently reduced manufacturing costs with past reductions in component cost and advances in engineering software has facilitated the design of a platform that fully cooks, assembles, and bags completely customizable hamburgers with no human operator. Apart from obviating at least one employee, Burgeon is quick and more consistent, more sanitary, and fresher than manually produced hamburgers. It is a modular design that permits easy expansion to accommodate varying and changing menus and proportions can be controlled as well. Installation is simple and reversible. Finally, the system is inexpensive (~$20,000 to manufacture and assemble) and can be financed for less than half of the price of a full time employee, allowing for immediate cash savings for restaurant owners. Our potential market is vast and we are still researching which segment will be the best to penetrate first.

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