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Buddify is a conversational social network/microblogging site founded in July 2010.


Buddify is a conversational social network that allows users to keep in touch with friends in a public or private environment, depending on the user's choice. Buddify allows users to engage in conversations, share and discuss photos and join and create groups to promote a cause or engage in discussions about a particular topic.


Buddify takes user's privacy very seriously, allowing you to temporarily hide everything related to you on the site, including your profile, all comments, photos and even your connections with other people. Buddify also allows users to choose who sees every aspect of their profile, whether you just want to share a couple of photos and keep in touch with a few close friends, or if you're the coolest guy on campus, announcing the most killer party in history that your three hundred hipster friends will never forget.

Competitive advantage
  • Clean, Simple, Easy to use UI
  • Unhampered user experience
  • Simple, clearly defined privacy options, giving full control and choice back to the user