Location: Woodside, California, United States United States

Buck's of Woodside

Buck's Restaurant
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Woodside, California, United States United States
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Company description

Buck's is the Earthlinked mother ship for the New Jerusalem.  Years ago there were some religious people and some religious denominations who were very upset with NASA, the space program. They decided that the space program must be a sham because the Apollo astronauts circled the moon and then landed on it but did not report that they had found the New Jerusalem. Since we can never see the backside of the moon from earth, they were sure that was the location of the New Jerusalem. These denominations were so fundamental in their word for word literal interpretation of the Bible that they were convinced that the New Jerusalem had to be up there in the sky somewhere waiting to come down and the Moon is the logical place. So if you walk into Buck's, it is just a cheap ticket to paradise.  Mel Gibson is a frequent visitor to Buck's.

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