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Managed Content Delivery ServicesTM (MCDSTM), the first end-to-end content delivery solution to integrate encoding and content conversion, media hosting, streaming media services, and P2P-enabled CDN bandwidth.

A key pillar of the MCDS platform is BroadRamp's CDSTM Content Delivery System. The unique compression approach and embedded player architecture of CDS enables quick-launch, full-screen high definition quality video (WebHDTM) with Dolby 6.1 Surround Sound. The CDS compression reduces media file sizes by 50-90% while maintaining quality levels and delivering an outstanding user experience.

Applications, e-commerce, and dynamic database linkages may be integrated into the CDS content stream and managed in a thin-client architecture by the CDS Player, enabling new ways to monetize online content. One such implementation of this CDS capability is BroadRamp's v-CommerceTM, which enables the user accomplish an e-commerce transaction by clicking on hot-spot product placements within the CDS video, without exiting the content stream.

To prevent piracy and content re-distribution, BroadRamp has implemented a nine-layer security architecture within CDS, and enabled a digital rights management solution called Total Rights Management (TRMTM).

MCDS supports these unique CDSTM capabilities, and delivers the resultant content online utilizing BroadRamp's media hosting, streaming media service, and P2P CDN bandwidth capabilities. The combination of the innovative CDS compression approach with a P2P-enabled CDN drives a Total Cost of Delivery that is radically lower than other media delivery alternatives. MCDSTM also quickly converts virtually any type of offline content into an online rich multimedia format that is usable by all web enabled devices

"MCDSTM is the only content delivery offering to offer peer-to-peer (P2P) networking options and is the only end-to-end solution for publishing your content easily and quickly to any web enabled device," said BroadRamp CTO and Founder Sean Darwish.

"The user experience is unrivaled. Content is delivered instantly and there are no applications or players to download," continued Darwish. "Full-screen WebHDTM output is accompanied by Dolby 6.1 Surround Sound. Managed CDSTM makes your content easy to distribute, view and a pleasure to watch."