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Cloud tools to streamline your supply chain.
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BriteHub’s current software establishes a foundation for healthy business procedures through effective internal and external collaboration management and real-time notifications. Our solution eliminates the back and forth emails and multiple versions of PDF’s that often leads to delays and mistakes during this crucial process. Our cutting edge and agile approach to development is not only a cost effective solution but adaptable and configurable as manufacturing grows. Our unique and easy-to-use workflow tools track the daily valuable data needed to have clear visibility into the strengths and weaknesses within internal teams and a network of suppliers. In addition, our web











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Business model

Business models are made of two parts principally: value proposition and revenue model. Supply chains are not static, they are ever evolving. Things change, customers change, and as our company's value proposition evolves, so should our revenue model. BriteHub’s revenue model is built on a licensing fee and a transaction fee based on purchase orders. These two revenue streams co-exist, side-by-side. Our customers want different pieces of the solution as well as payment options (different strokes for different folks). BriteHub offers controlled choices for our customers. They will feel like we are working together instead of forcing them into a single solution they may not be interested in.

Our software helps our customers become efficient with their business through cloud based tools that currently do not exist. Our marketplace offers a “collaborative manufacturing” application to help customers grow their business. These complementary tools add value to BriteHub users and create a revenue model that grows with customer success.

1. Licensing Fee

As we continue to build value with our workflow tools we will continue to increase licensing fee’s.

2. Marketplace PO Transactions

BriteHub takes a transaction fee on all Request For Quotes (RFQs) that turn into Purchase Orders. 

Competitive advantage

User Testimonial


"From its very beginning, BriteHub has been super focused on customer service. Not only for their associated manufacturers, but for all the designers and inventors that come to them. I regularly receive personal calls from BriteHub for RFQs that they think our company would be perfect for. They take personal interest that my company succeeds. They have also worked out a unique pricing model that is extremely fair. With tokens, I can quote on any job and know that I will get the tokens back if my quote is not accepted. Once our quotes are accepted, BriteHub encourages us to work directly with our new client to finish the project and establish long term relationships. No busybody middleman to muck things up. We will be working with BriteHub for many years to come." Tim Armstrong Sinotech USA


Compared to intimidating, time intensive and labor intensive expensive legacy model supply chain tools BriteHub provides an easy to use and collborative interface.  Our interface creates a lower barrier of entry and allows for a higher ROI when going into production. 

We are:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Adaptable and configurable
  • Collavorative
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