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Brightside Health has re-invented depression care for the telemedicine age.  We provide evidence-based medication management and therapy for depression and anxiety, using precision medicine tools along with care management technology, delivered through our network of providers.  Treatment plans are accessible , affordable and include medication delivered to the customer's doorstep.  We are live in over 30 states and have successfully treated thousands of patients.

We are seeing phenomenal clinical results. Eighty precent of patients reporting significant clinical improvement at twelve weeks, and over sixty percent are in remission in the same interval.

Our company was co-founded by an experienced team of experts in Mental and Behavioral Health.  Brad Kittredge, CEO, was formerly the VP of product at 23andMe, and Lantern. Mimi Winsberg, chief medical officer, was formerly medical director at Lyra, and head of psychiatry at Ginger, and Jeremy Barth (CTO) was the former CTO at WellnessFx.  

Customers love it! Not many healthcare services get 4.6 stars in reviews. (