Location: Gilbert, Arizona, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Number of employees: 1-5
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Gilbert, Arizona, United States United States
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The #1 problem for marketers today is capturing attention in a distracted world. Marketing has become more expensive and less effective—email is saturated with spam resulting in low open rates, app downloads are on a steep decline. The dominant format for mobile communication is text messaging and social chat. BrightGuest is a B2B mobile messaging and marketing automation technology that delivers dynamic mobile pages through text messaging and social chat. We take mobile messaging beyond the bubble and enable brands to give their audience a personalized content experience that we as consumers expect. Our technology provides insights into what people are most interested in, segmenting audiences based on their behavior in real-time. This enables our customers to create automated user journeys that guide behavior and drive results. Because we deliver relevant content through frictionless channels, our customers are seeing an 85% tap-thru rate; effectively disrupting email marketing by 17X. Our web-based, self-service drag and drop platform makes it easy to get effective mobile marketing campaigns launched without the need for developers. We have four monthly and annual SaaS subscriptions that unlock different features, ranging from $99/month to enterprise plans that start at $1,499/month.