Bridge Africa Consulting Sarl

Bridge Africa Consulting Sarl
Logistics & Trade Support Services, Responsive logistics in Africa, Logistics Challenges in Africa, Agile logistics in Africa, Road Transport Companies, Plant hire in Africa, Forklift hire in Africa, Government tender support, Local Network africa, Projec
Bamako, Mali Mali
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Bridge Africa Consulting is projessional Logistics & Trade Support, Plant hire, Government tender support, Local Network, Project Support and Fast Problem Solving company Africa. Our aim is to help foreign companies and organizations that may not have earlier experience in Africa or those that are looking for local expertise to further their developments in Logistics, Industrial Projects, Outsourcing, Bid/Tender preparation, Surveys and general Representations.

We offer our customers flexibility, impartiality and cost savings by offering benefits such as:

1) Avoid employing full time employees or expatriates if your staff is already committed

2) in-depth knowledge of cultural differences

3) second (unbiased) opinion

4) better overall decision making process

5) local markets know-how

6) add focus to your project / strategy