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Brickflow is a personal content discovery app. Content is aggregated from all around social media and recommended based on the individual user’s profile. 

Hashtags and visual social media content trends make the momentum. Our recommendation engine makes Brickflow special.

There are numerous news readers, but the newest generation prefers short and visual content. Discovering great images and videos to share, relevant to both you and your friends, is not time consuming any more.

Teenagers and young adults now have the simplicity of a news app when browsing visual content. And brands have the opportunity to reach this important consumer segment via Brickflow.

Our value propsition is:

 "Brickflow analyzes your profile and automatically gives you the best photos and videos that fit your style. You choose the ones you like and publish them with a click."






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Competitive advantage

You can get content from various sources because Brickflow aggregates from all around social media. We recommend automatically based on the individual’s profile, thus users have firsthand access to relevant hot content. Images, GIFs and videos are turned into a cinematic experience and can be published with a single click.


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iCatapult - Unconfirmed
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