BRD Motorcycles
Location: 1398 Bryant Street, Suite B, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 08/2013, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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BRD Motorcycles

The future of fast
San Francisco, California, United States United States

Based on clean-sheet, proprietary drivetrain and battery tech, BRD builds the fastest, prettiest, easiest, most economical motorcycles and scooters on the planet, and they happen to be electric. Think Tesla but with a broader global market, few regulatory barriers, 1/10th the product complexity, and 1/50th the capital needs.

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Company description

BRD has developed the most advanced electric vehicle drivetrain in the lightweights (10hp - 100hp) space. This clean-sheet, patent-pending architecture gives BRD a 30%+ density (size for a given power and range) and 40%+ cost advantage over the state of the art electric drivetrains, and allows BRD to compete directly on cost, utility and performance in gas vehicle markets, today. Combined with world class product design and user experience, BRD is building the most desirable motorcycles and scooters on the planet. You can see our first product, the RedShift, in action here, and read about it in Motorcyclist Magazine here.

Business model

BRD manufactures and sells a physical, finished good - complete motorcycles and scooters - via a wholesale distribution network. A combination of low cost proprietary technology, controlled supply, and high demand enables the best margins in the motorcycle industry. There is significant fuiture potential for revenue from technology licensing or component supply into adjacent, non-competitive market spaces such as powersports and lightweight utility vehicles.

Competitive advantage

BRD drew the best talent from the automotive, aerospace, EV, motorcycle and product design industries to achieve a step function improvement in electric drivetrain cost and range. A combination of system-level optimization, adapted technology from other industries, and several novel (patented) approaches has produced results that finally make electric not just viable, but a superior option to gas, for a mainstream (even skeptical) audience.

BRD has developed a proprietary drivetrain with 100% more power, 30% more battery capacity, 30%-50% lower cost and higher safety than the competition at an equal weight, putting us 3-5 years ahead of the cost/performance curve of anyone else in the space, and making BRD the only company that can compete directly with gas-powered products, today.