Brazen, Inc.

Brazen, Inc.
Ending Menstrual Misery One Period at a Time.
Austin, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

Brazen is a women's health company building precision medicine for periods.  With validated and patented technology we have been able build a software solution that can take a user collected data and use it predictively, diagnostically and prescriptively to address some of women's most life interrupting symptoms associated with menstruation.


We are building a platform (launching this spring) to address women's and People with Periods needs across their entire reproductive lifespan.  From PMS to cramping, PMDD to Endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, preconception, post partum, and menopause, Brazen will have a solution for  her.

Business model

Brazen is a SAAS model with 2 revenue channels. We like to describe Brazen as the combination of HIMS and Omada Health. On the front end we are a consumer, brand forward company and on the back end we are building clinical grade, life science quality software solutions.

The Brazen app and customized solutions make up the offering which can be purchased together or separate- but all are subscription only.

The app creates a monthly, customized Chinese herbal formula for $48/month  with COGs at $7 (not at scale) which is currently limited to the US.

Women can also subscribe to the customized programming in the app for $3.99 which will be a global offering in countries that speak English this year.

Competitive advantage

The Brazen founder is a renowned women's health expert with over 20 years of clinical experience where she helped over 10,000 infertile women with their cycles and conception. She has been able to take her proven clinical program and translate it into a highly impactful software solution.

Brazen was awarded the first patent of 8 this year on the ability to use user collected data to curate customized herbal formulas and behavioral health interventions for women's health and fertility. Other patents that are pending are around the fertility predictive analytics tool, and the ability to use basal temperatures diagnostically (beyond ovulation tracking and period prediction)

She built a team of highly skilled operators, developers, marketers, and researchers to help her execute on her vision for what is possible for all women and their health.

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