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Shop for products spotted on Instagram
Montreal, Quebec, Canada Canada
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Company description

Brandicted is a website that helps people shop for products spotted on Instagram. People are frustrated because they see products they like on Instagram but there is no easy way to buy them. Influencers who are posting these photos on Instagram don't have a way to monetize them. The vision is for Brandicted to become a marketplace where people:

- shop for their favorite brands in a highly visual way;
- follow recommendations of their favorite influencers, who in turn monetize their Instagram feed and gain more recognition from brands.


We've launched a beta of our website in March during SXSW in Austin. We won “Best Consumer” at a Venture Beat competition. With over 200k influencers referenced on the platform, we are currently fine-tuning our approach with selected influencers before reaching out to all.





Awards and Mentions
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    We won "Best Consumer" at Venture Beat's SXSW pitch competition.
  • Business model

    The business model is a breed between affiliate and traditional ecommerce: shopping takes place on Brandicted and redirects to the retail partner's cart once the user clicks on "Buy Now".

    - 10-60% referral fee on product sold through brand partners

    Competitive advantage

    We built a technology that constantly updates product's availability and pricing using web-scraping technology instead of relying on affiliate product feed. We found that most affiliate shopping sites have either outdated or broken links due to these product feeds not being up-to-date.

    By offering a succesful shopping experience, we believe that consumers will come back to shop for their favortite brands on Brandicted.