Brand Thunder

Brand Thunder
Extend Your Brand to the Browser
Dublin, Ohio, United States United States
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Company description

Extreme Makeovers for the Internet Browser

Brand Thunder takes the everyday, drab version of Firefox or Internet Explorer and turns it into something visually and interactively stunning.

Stop Losing Your Fans on the Web

Brand Thunder creates a more persistent presence between a company and its loyal customers through its custom browser experiences, and delivers increased website visits and revenue. 

With a simple add-on, end users change the look and feel of their Internet browser into an immersive experience from their favorite sports team, entertainment franchise or internet site.  The customized browsers feature official logos, colors, content and functionality, but can also extend capabilities including video, music players or other Internet widgets.

Reach Beyond Your Website

Current business partners and clients include the Huffington Post, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, Universal Music, Yahoo! and more.  Samples found at

Business model

Multi-pronged value proposition including:

  • Low resource impact as Brand Thunder manages end-to-end process from concept to development to marketing
  • High return with increased site traffic, revenue generation and user loyalty
  • Uniquely positioned offering a more immersive experience than a toolbar and a more persistent one than a widget - yet delivering the strengths of each.


Multi-pronged revenue generation including:

  • Development fees
  • Search
  • Commerce
  • Advertising
Competitive advantage