Brainspray Development, LLC

Brainspray Development, LLC
Streaming Profits for Streaming Media
Walla Walla, Washington, United States United States
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Company description

Brainspray promises to increase any streaming media publisher's ad revenue overnight. By taking advantage of our innovative, proprietary technology, Brainspray clients reduce ad clutter and increase user interaction.


Business model

How We Make Money:  At the initiation of a contract, we measure the prior month's CPM, CPC/CPA or other advertising rate metric for the streaming video or music site.

Any increase over that rate realized is then multiplied by % and that becomes our fee to the publisher.  The other balance goes directly towards the publisher's bottom line.

How We Prove The Value To Advertisers:  Reward consumption equals 10X to 50X click through value - so as users are redeeming rewards, advertisers see real-time results on-demand.


How Big The Opportunity Is:  Online video ads are projected to reach over $7 billion by 2012, which could generate $70MM to $700MM in revenue for BrainSpray.  Streaming music has yet to be monetized online the way terrestrial radio has been.  We believe BrainSpray can be the bridge to crossing that chasm.  If we are correct, BrainSpray could dominate the industry.



Competitive advantage

What We Do:  We offer streaming video sites and streaming music sites an opportunity to double and triple the rates they receive from advertisers. 

We offer advertisers a way to place their products in the minds of video and music site users in ways no other company has ever offered.  We refer to this process advantage as "Limbic Linking" because it targets the reward center of the brain in a manner that actually increases user enjoyment and focus on the content they are consuming.  That enjoyment is then associated with the brand that offers promotions (rewards) for the viewer/listener.