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Córdoba, Argentina Argentina
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In Box Synergy we design creative, innovative and sustainable products. Our products provide safe water, electricity, connectivity and thermal sources for heat water and cooking, where services do not reach. For this, we develop autonomous, self-sustaining, resilient, versatile and portable conceptions. Our differential factor is the synergy, as a concept that allows us to move towards the future, to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the social impact, to generate more with less.
Our developments are:
• SOLAR7: Represents our current market share. It´s a Solar charger, that allows carry all energy that you need, in your pocket.
• EIGHT: represents scalability in short-term for international markets. It´s the first 24/7 portable chargers line, that generate energy from sun and fire.
• SER Project: Its a colaborative develpment of Rural Energy Systems. These are modular products adapted for basic needs, it´s can provide clean water, electricity and thermal sources for cooking. Represents the insertion to markets of rural communities in Argentina in the mid-term, but with an exponential growth after an investment in serie A, destined to global resilience. In addition companies with off-grid activities, related to stages from prospecting to explotation in Agro, Mining and Oil & Gas sectors need the same resources when they are off-grid.

With this plan, more projects will be added according to our strategy of launching 1 product with a social and environmental impact per year.

Our differentials factors included set up collaborative developments, which allow us to create value with strategic partners in a win-win relationship that allows us to shorten times, expand markets and improve products. The concept of synergy is materialized through the application of advanced technologies. Competitive advantages in innovation and customer loyalty. We apply synergic processes through the use of renewable resources (solar, thermoelectric, hydrogen), as well as an efficient use of the water cycle.
In environmental terms, the carbon footprint contaminates the planet. Every year people consumes twice the liters of water we can produce. Taking action on the problem is not only environmental awareness, these are a great business opportunities.
We are a startup that aims to be a global company with a social, economical and environmental impact.