Box of Frogs Media

Developing and publishing amazing storybook apps for children
Brighton, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Box of Frogs Media is an independent company based in the exciting seaside city of Brighton developing and publishing appbooks across multiple platforms, primarily for the children’s storybook market. We believe in the power of stories to fuel imagination and exploration of the wonderful world we live in; specialising in delivering these stories through the digital format of appbooks.

Our happy little team develop and publish iOS interactive appbooks from our studio – bringing together talent from all over the globe to tell wonderful digital stories.

We have developed our own core technology to build appbooks and we continue to invest in new and groundbreaking features to expand our growing portfolio of books.






Business model

Box Of Frogs Media operates the following business models:


  • Own IP development and publication (70% return to BoF, platform holder: 30%)

  • Publication. Signed IP to the Box Of Frogs Books publishing label, projects built using Box Of Tricks. (10% to 30% depending on investment by BoF)

  • Work For Hire. App book development for external clients and IP holders. (Day rated contracts)

Box Of Frogs currently has our own IP project, the Little Lost Note on the market as our first release, a Work-For-Hire publication with a release date of 19th May 2014 and an Author/Illustrator model due for publication on 16th May. Additionally there are 5 other publication in development for publication over the Summer 2014.