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Company description introduces a fresh lifestyle to Baby Boomers and Generation Jones.  We invite our 35+ generation to join and take advantage of our social network service for free.  The site provides social networking, dating, professional connection with other members and our featured experts.  We encourage members to take advantage of our updates on current news, professional advice, health, politics, videos, movies, finance, travel, etc.  In addition to our social network, we have our e-commerce service- the Boomj Store, where we offer competitive prices for online shopping and great deals for our members. We are welcoming businesses who are interested in growing an affiliate relationship with us to contact 


The Name “"

The name BOOMj derives from the two primary audiences we serve: the Baby Boomers Generation and Generation Jones - both born during the big 20-year, post-World War II boom in births from the mid-1940’s to mid-1960’s.

* Baby Boomers were born 1942 to 1953; we associate their youth with Howdy Doody, Davy Crocket hats, and later, Woodstock and Vietnam War demonstrations.
* Generation Jones, born 1954 to 1965, is a newer concept and name that represents the actual children of the sixties (more wide-eyed than tie-dyed); Jonesers were weaned on The Brady Bunch and Easy Bake Ovens and later were the teens of 70’s heavy metal, disco, punk and soul.

Baby Boomers and Generation Jones today

Today, Boomers are 53 to 64 years old and 16% of the adult US population; Jonesers are 41 to 52 years old and 26% of all US adults. Together they are almost 80 million people, arguably at the prime of their lives. We shouldn’t really say “they,” but rather “we,” because most of us that created are part of one or the other generation (and at the risk of sounding corny, proud to be so).
The New Generational Paradigm

We’re excited about the new generational paradigm. Generation Jones has already been the recipient of extensive major media coverage, and we’re enjoying watching the buzz. Jonesers were originally mistakenly lumped in with Boomers simply because of shared high birth rates, but generational personalities stem from shared formative experiences, not head counts. The dramatically different formative experiences of Boomers and Jonesers created two very different generational personalities. We at “get” Boomers and Jonesers, the differences as well as the similarities.

Think of us as a place to help redefine your own identity, collectively and individually.


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