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Location: 10 Montagne Drive, Shelton, Connecticut, United States United States
Founded in: 2006
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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The Internet Organization Project
Shelton, Connecticut, United States United States
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Company description

Boomja is an opportunity for people everywhere to be part of the next generation of search and search marketing.

Boomja enables anyone to collect and organize even vast amounts of information on the subjects and topics they care about, and intuitively organize it into specific, browsable search destinations to match all the possible ways targeted audiences need to think about it and use it to find answers to specific questions and solve specific problems.


The ability to help the world connect with information, experience and expertise faster and more powerfully is now available to everyone - and so is the ability to profit from it.  Individuals can easily create continuous annuity-like income from Google AdSense and affiliate advertising, and businesses can generate continuous leads as well as ad revenues from the highly targeted audiences they need to reach.


Boomja’s simple-to-use interface requires no programming or HTML skills. 


Human intelligence and categorizations improve search.


Computer algorithms, spiders and other search technologies do not have the ability to understand, think about or organize information the way people can.  

  • Technology cannot understand all the possible meanings, intentions or values of information; or predict all the possible 
    ways people may need or want to use information.

  • Technology cannot harvest information from all the Deep Web sources (95% of the Internet’s content) that people can access, and cannot always decipher the difference between useful content and spam.

  • Technology cannot find and organize the content, experience and knowledge needed to help people find answers to specific questions or solve specific problems.

  • Technology cannot imagine or envision all the possible values of information well enough to organize it to help people identify and discover associations and relationships that would otherwise remain fragmented and/or disconnected.

Do you shop with only one dealer before buying a car?  Do you rely on only one opinion before deciding upon an important surgical procedure for yourself or a family member?   Do you limit your research to the expertise or musings of one blog before writing a report or creating a market strategy?  Can you skim through the first few of a zillion pages of search engine results to get your hands around a subject or an industry?  The answers to each of the above for most of us is no.


Only people can apply the experience, emotion, knowledge, perspective and vision to the challenges of collecting and connecting information to help people find it and use it better. 


Static categorizations improve search and search marketing.


Improving Search:

Search engines cannot index dynamically generated search results however they can and do index static categorizations.  Organizing content into carefully keyworded “specific” search destinations helps search engines index and match your content with search requests, especially as searchers begin to narrow and refine their search. 


Combining location with even highly competitive keywords (i.e. Home Mortgage White Plains, NY) provides tremendous local search results and also helps search engines match searcher IP addresses to prime keywords.


Improving Search Marketing:

Randomly associated search results and random keyword appearances require random luck for ad conversions.  Static categorizations of specifically purposed content however provide a much higher degree of audience and interest targeting to create the best ad conversion opportunities possible.


Creating specifically purposed categorizations of selected content can help and support shopping and decision making for highly targeted consumer and business audiences when and where they are closest to the moment of making a purchase.


The increasing surge in online advertising has created tremendous revenue and lead generation opportunities for organizing information.  Join our rapidly growing community of Internet information guides and be a part of the next generation of search and search marketing – or contact us today about building a directory for you.

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    Buff Bowen | Team member
Business model
Boomja enables a nearly unlimited number of individuals and businesses to share in the profits and benefits of organizing internet content to improve search and search marketing for subjects and audiences they care about. 
Boomja combines human intelligence and proprietary Internet classification technology to scale the creation of vertical directories that can organize and connect the Internet’s randomly scattered information.  Boomja’s directories improve and enhance search and provide advertisers with a significantly expanded surface of highly focused online “real estate” to attract, return and convert targeted audiences more frequently and effectively with.  
Competitive advantage
Boomja's closest competitors are blogs and blog-like properties that cannot match the browsing capabilities or highly scalable optimization of keywords, phrases and content into massive volumes of specific search destinations critical to Boomja's organic growth and revenue generating advantage.