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Bookable Gifts - make sending a bookable fine-restaurant meal as a gift as easy as sending flowers:

Online-prepaid Booking:

  • Restaurant meals - operated in London since June 2012
  • Spa sessions (beta) on - operated in London since Feb 2013


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Bookingrid provides web-platform based ‘do-it-for-me’ services to local small & medium businesses. Bookingrid helps them to emphasize pricing and sell online upmarket reservations, discounted bookings, tickets, gift vouchers etc.

Bookingrid uses traditionally prepaid products, such as gifts and tickets, and their combinations to solve the internal conflict of the fine-restaurant segment:

  • consumers are ready to prepay to get a better price or a last-minute reservation 
  • but restaurateurs fear to alienate them by prepayments.

Bookingrid applies flexible pricing strategies to solve the painful problems of traditionally offline businesses, such as restaurants

  • no offers at the right prices - demand continuously changes but offer prices are fixed; 
  • 'tail demand' - free booking cannot satisfy different audiences on first-come-first-served basis; 
  • no-shows.


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Bookingrid focuses on Michelin-starred London restaurants and is embedding itself into the existing supply chains by replacing gift cards of such restaurants with Gift Vouchers on their websites.

The strategy:

  • to start with traditionally prepaid gifts in the upmarket restaurant segment,
  • to attract a significant share of restaurant capacity to prepaid booking, 
  • to enhance the presence of prepaid booking in the market and
  • to consolidate such offers on Bookingrid marketplace. 


Bookingrid enables offering packages - such as pre-theatre dinner plus theatre tickets - to explore new online sales channels for restaurants (widgets on sites of organisers of events).


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Bookingrid algorithm adds the logic of stock exchange trading (in contrast to eBay’s auction model) to bookings, which:

  • provides a very simple mechanism of price & availability change in multiple sales channels;
  • enables speculation in booking when consumers are ready to prepay - tickets, hot promotions, rare offers etc.


  • orchestrates availability & prices to promote acute offers in multiple sales channels;
  • introduces co-selling with offers of other suppliers;
  • allows resale of bookings on the same marketplace;
  • enables bidding and managing bids.