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BodyBarista is a body photo diary

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Fitness is about result. We don't give a damn how many lb or kg you have been lifting, in the end of the day it's how you look in the mirror.

Point and shoot in the mirror, we cut your body out and makes a photo diary of 360 degrees of your body. Easy to see changes and compare and get inspired by others.

One more thing..

Your photos are digital, and we automatically extract your body. Who knows what you can do with this digitalization of your body in our future updates..

Business model

Freemium fitness app where some of the additional features will be avalible on payed subsctiption.



Competitive advantage


The power of fitness is the ability to change the body.

Not record how much you lift, how long you run, what you do, but the results on your body.

Accurate measurements of the elite can be used for you to connect and focus on your relation, not your shape.

Our PCT pending patent will change how we track, digitalize and use our body measurements and shape.