Health can be habit forming.
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Company description

BodiMojo is a premier 2.0 web destination “for teens and by teens” focused on health, nutrition and fitness, while providing ‘social networking’ elements that offer community building, user generated content, health expert advice.  BodiMojo leverages interactivity, friendlists, commerce andteen-relevant content  including: music, games, videos, photos and personalized health goal tracking.  We consider it a WebMD meets a MySpace for teens.

Business model

Our direct model focuses on multiple transaction types to reinforce the incentives for engagement  through online micropayments (e.g.virtual goods), partnerships/sponsorships, and mobile basedsubscription.

BodiMojo will generate revenue through various means: (1) Advertising/Click thru revenue; (2) Sales of viral apps and games; (3) Partnerships; (4) Affiliate programs and sponsorships; (5) Mobile phones: text message revenue share; (6) Health survey reports and aggregate data analysis for customers for a fee; (7) Marketing programs for select partners and sponsors; (8) e-commerce; and 9) parent reward program. 

Competitive advantage

BodiMojo combines health management with teen preferences. Grounded in evidence based-medicine (seed money from the National Institutes of Health, Small Business Innovative Research Program), it houses proprietary health assessments and a proprietary incentive based point system based on algorithms.