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Company description

Blumio has developed a sensor that can continuously monitor one of our most important vital signs – blood pressure – without requiring an inflatable cuff. Designed for all day wear, Blumio’s novel sensor technology can measure blood pressure noninvasively and continuously, by capturing and analyzing arterial movements in a new way, providing the ability to gain contextual insights into this important biomarker and opening a new window into our understanding of heart health.

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Business model

Blumio's business model consists of one-time hardware sale augmented by a software subscription service. Hardware revenue will be the primary source of revenue, with a gross margin of 60%. On the software side, we intend to have 2 offerings: B2C - a low monthly subscription for advanced analytics and insights for consumers to better manage their condition. B2B - a pay-per-use fee for clinics that want to conduct 24hr BP study as part of hypertension diagnosis. There is already a CPT code in place.

Competitive advantage

Blumio is unique in the use of our proprietary sensing mechanism and the ability to measure blood pressure continuously. Our technology eliminates several variables that affect the performance of our competitors’ devices and for which they must compensate. As a result we anticipate that competing technologies will not be able to meet the accuracy standards laid out by ISO/SP10 and achieve FDA clearance needed to take their products to market.