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Company description

Blueboard believes that companies could do a much better job rewarding their employees. We are a huge improvement on typical corporate rewards and recognition plans.

Blueboard ( allows companies to reward their employees to curated activities and experiences, including yoga, skydiving, mixology classes, spa treatments, and more.




Business model

Blueboard offers 8 tiers of rewards for sale - there is a flat cost per reward tier, plus a service fee added for our concierge service. Companies commit to a minimum quarterly budget.

On the experience side, we negotiate discounted rates with our partners. On any transaction, we net approximately 30%.

Competitive advantage

Unlike most current rewards, Blueboard Rewards are MEMORABLE

Gift cards and small cash bonuses are nice, but they are not memorable. We allow companies to enrich their employees' lives (and their own brand equity) by providing memorable rewards in the form of experiences: wine tasting, guitar lessons, aerobatic flight tours, etc. 

We curate awesome local experiences

Current rewards platforms partner with national brands - Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, 1-800-FLOWERS. That's great, but these brands don't necessarily deliver amazing experiences or get people excited.

Blueboard works with local, mom & pop experience providers who are experts in their field and live and breathe their passions. We work with people like Clay Bonavito - the owner of Bay Area Skydiving who has over 14,000 jumps under his belt, or Tianne Frias - the salsa dancing guru who recently placed 3rd in the world at the world's biggest Latin Dancing Competition.