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Bloom Technologies
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Company description

Bloom is designing the future of prenatal care with technology designed to improve the health of moms and babies.  We combine wearable devices with data analytics to reassure moms and provide doctors with better information to improve birth outcomes.

Our first product, Belli, measures the most important health parameters of mom and baby from conception to birth.  This includes pregnancy specific information no other wearable can measure today (contractions, fetal movement, fetal heart rate). Moms receive personalized feedback on her baby and her body to take the guesswork out of pregnancy and provide much needed peace of mind.







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Business model

Today Bloom offers our prenatal health coach (HW + app) directly to consumers.  Moms can rent our product for $29/week which includes the reusable sensor and disposable patches.  After a mom has her baby she can easily return the reusable sensor to Bloom in a prepaid envelope or share with a friend who can then activate her subscription and start receiving the disposable patches.  

Upon securing FDA approval we will further distribute our system through private practice groups.  Our ultimate goal is for Bloom to be fully reimbursed by payers and become standard of care within obstetrics. This will take time given the need to both secure regulatory approval as well as demonstrate improved outcomes and reduced costs.  

Our self-pay consumer market foundation however will serve as a continuous and growing revenue stream while we push forward our larger healthcare ambitions.


Competitive advantage

The team behind Bloom has developed some of the most advanced wearables for consumer and medical markets over the past decade.  We have successfully built products for market leaders in cardiac, sleep, and brain moniotoring.  

We are the only company offering a wearable sensor that can measure pregnancy specific information such as contraction, fetal movement and fetal heart rate.  Our unique and comprehensive wearable solution is based upon a patent pending state-of-the art medical grade sensor, proprietary algorithms, and patent pending cloud based analyitcs.